Creek Valley Health Clinic

Creek Valley Health Clinic (CVHC) formed to provide comprehensive, quality healthcare to the rural valley surrounding Colorado City, Arizona. This non-profit organization is solely composed of community members, with the clinic opening December of 2019. There has not been primary care in this region for over 10 years, with the nearest medical organization in Hurricane, UT 25 miles away.  Creek Valley Health Clinic provides general primary medical care, diagnostic laboratory, chronic disease management, well-child services, voluntary family planning, immunizations, preventative dental, gynecological care, prenatal and postpartum care, behavioral health, as well as enabling services, such as case management, eligibility assistance, health education, outreach, transportation, and translation. Through third party arrangements, CVHC provides pharmaceutical services, intrapartum care, diagnostic radiology, and complex screenings.

Creek Valley Health Clinic is located in Colorado City.

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