Wesley Community and Health Centers

Since 1950, Wesley Community and Health Centers (Wesley) has been providing key community services in south-center Phoenix.  The mission of Wesley “Together We Empower Positive Change,” extended to west Phoenix, Maryvale in 2014 with the acquisition of Golden Gate Community Center.  Wesley now has two Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) and community centers in two Federally Identified Poverty Areas in Phoenix.  Wesley is unique in that it is the only FQHC which provides key primary healthcare services alongside community programs and activities such as, after-school programing, daily Zumba, free diabetes nutrition education classes, free English as a Second Language (ESL), free prenatal classes, community gardens, and two full size in-door multipurpose gyms.

Wesley Health Center has 2 sites in Phoenix.

For more information on exact clinic locations, please visit: https://wesleycenterphx.org or https://aachc.org/communityhealthcenters/map

Wesley Health Center is accepting new patients at both health center locations.

Website:  www.wesleycenterphx.org