Training and Technical Assistance Calendar

The Arizona Alliance for Community Health Centers’ (AACHC) expectation as a State Primary Care Association is to build a quality infrastructure to support provision of primary care services throughout Arizona.  The Alliance continues to develop relationships to support partnerships and provide instrumental materials, resources, and outreach strategies and will continue to promote and support the work collaborative agencies to likewise promote the advancement of primary care services in the state.

AACHC provides technical assistance and training to Federally Qualified Health Centers throughout the state of Arizona.  The need for quality education and training has never been in higher demand as during these transformative times in healthcare.  Additionally, the need for health centers to compete in a new marketplace and move from “safety net” to “service excellence” providers continues to be of high importance.  AACHC is expanding its services to take on these challenges every day.

To meet these challenges and enhance the accessibility of quality healthcare to low-income, uninsured, vulnerable, and special populations by means of technical assistance (TA), training, support, and guidance.