The Health Center Resource Clearinghouse addresses the competing demands placed on a busy public health workforce by providing a broad framework of resources, tools, and supports to facilitate professionals’ ability to access and utilize critical resources.

We have compiled a variety of resources for health center staff, as well as the general public, to use to help increase access to care and improve health center operations.

Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Resources:
Information for the general public on new health insurance options and how to enroll.

Capital Development Resources:
Information on capital improvement projects and financing.

Clinical Resources:
Tools and information for health center providers to improve quality of care on specific topics.

Publications and other resources, including videos, produced by AACHC.

Emergency Preparedness Resources:
Tools and information for organizations to be ready in an emergency situation.

Health Center Requirements:
Tools and information to help ensure compliance with HRSA’s requirements for health centers and Look-Alikes and to promote long-term sustainability. Also includes information and resources for organizations interested in becoming health centers and Look-Alikes.

Quality Improvement Resources: 
Information on quality resources and conference materials

Public Health Alerts and Resources:
Information on communicable diseases.

Sexual & Domestic Violence Resources:
Information for providers and services for sexual or domestic violence victims.

Substance Use Disorder Resources:  
Tools and information for health centers and their staff on the current activites and programs around Substance Use Disorder.  Contact Meredith Foulds if you are interesting in participating our Substance Use Disorder Committee.

Value Based Care Resources:
Information and resources on Value Based Care.