Oral Health Resources

Medical – Dental Integration

AACHC is currently part of the DentaQuest Foundation-funded Strengthening the Oral Health Safety Net initiative, and one of the priority areas for that initiative is to promote interprofessional activities among medical and dental programs in Community Health Centers. Below is a list of resources to help providers achieve medical-dental integration within their health centers.

Guideline on Perinatal Oral Health Care



The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recognizes that perinatal oral health is one of the foundations upon which preventive education and dental care must be built to enhance the opportunity for a child to have a lifetime free from preventable oral disease. Recognizing that dentists, physicians, allied health professionals, and community organizations must be involved as partners to achieve this goal, the AAPD proposes recommendations for perinatal oral health care, including caries risk assessment, anticipatory guidance, preventive strategies, and therapeutic interventions, to be followed by the stakeholders in perinatal and pediatric oral health.

Dentistry & the SBIRT Model – How Dental Practitioners Can Help Patients with Substance Abuses

SBIRT is an evidence-based, effective method to identify and assist individuals who misuse alcohol and/or drugs. This brief protocol has been implemented for use during routine medical and specialty care visits as well as in emergency departments and trauma centers to determine if a person’s alcohol or drug use may be causing potential harm to his/her overall health. SBIRT provides an opportunity to help at-risk patients who are engaging in problematic behavior make changes before they become worse.

Oral Health and the Patient Centered Health Home


The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has embarked on several PCHH initiatives within Health Centers, including encouraging organizations to apply for NCQA Patient Centered Medical Home recognition, and covers the cost of recognition through its Patient-Centered Medical/Health Home Initiative. As part of a collaborative agreement with HRSA, NNOHA conducted a needs assessment of Health Center Dental Directors and follow-up interviews
with nine “early adopter” organizations that have made substantial progress integrating oral health into the PCHH.

Safety Net Solutions Free Webinars




The DentaQuest Institute’s Safety Net Solutions program provides free Webinars and online learning opportunities for safety net dental programs throughout the year. Topics vary within the spectrum of issues important to today’s safety net dental program staff and leadership. New webinars and sessions will be added frequently, so please check back to see what is available.

NNOHA Operations Manual for Health Center Dental Programs:

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