Board Governance


In the Health Center Requirements, Board Governance is addressed by Chapter 19: Board Authority and Chapter 20: Board Composition.

Introduction to Health Centers for Governing Board Members – 30 minute online course developed by the NWRPCA and NACHC.

Health Center Program Governing Board Workbook (updated July 2015) – NACHC

HRSA/BPHC’s Governing Board Handbook is an overview of the structure and responsibilities of a governing board.  NACHC’s Board Education Video Series and Governing Board Responsibilities and How to Do Them, can help orient new Board members and also strengthen your existing Board and provide guidance in support of the Health Center mission and legal responsibilities for ensuring that the health center is operating in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Governance Series Bulletins (English and Spanish) are also available for free download on NACHC’s website.  This series addresses in detail important Board responsibilities such as:

NACHC has also developed a sample board calendar to help ensure even distribution of board responsibilities throughout the year.

Creating a Dynamic and Useful Strategic Plan

Additional resources related to the Board Governance requirements include:

Common Governance Issues for New Health Centers: NACHC PowerPoint Presentation

Sample Table of Contents for a Board Policy Manual

Financial Management of Health Centers

Moving Toward a High Performing Health Center Board

Ensuring Compliant Health Centers Bylaws and Effectively Addressing Conflicts of Interest

Addressing the Needs of LGBT People in Community Health Centers: What the Governing Board Needs to Know