So You Want To Become a Health Center Program Grantee?

Where should you begin?

What is a Community Health Center?

Community Health Centers or CHCs are non-profit medical clinics located throughout Arizona. They share a mission of making comprehensive primary care accessible to anyone regardless of insurance status.

Community Health Centers (CHCs) represent a vital source of primary care for individuals nationwide. Health centers provide prevention, treatment, and disease management delivered in family-centered, patient-governed medical homes using the most advanced care practices.

Community Health Centers’ must be governed by at least a 51% patient majority board in order to ensure their services are tailored to fit their communities’ needs.

Please explore the information provided here to learn more about health centers and if this is a good fit for your organization.











Health Center definitions
Health Center Program terminology
Guide prepared by the National Association of Community Health Centers
19 Health Center Program Requirements
Federal 330 legislation that health centers are required to follow and are funded under
Conduct a needs assessment

Talk to the Primary Care Organization (Arizona Department of Health Services – ADHS) for help determining your Health Professional Shortage Area score and if the population you are looking to serve is in a medically underserved area (MUA) or a medically underserved population (MUP): Tracy –

Contact Lisa Nieri – – at the Primary Care Association (Arizona Alliance for Community Health Centers – AACHC) for information on planning grants, New Access Point grants, or other funding that may be available.

Map out the population you are looking to serve – both demographically and geographically – with the UDS Mapper (directions on how to sign up). Learn how to use the UDS Mapper with webinars offered on an ongoing basis or check out this comprehensive written guide.

Talk to existing health centers and other healthcare providers in the area.

Read the Bureau of Primary Health Care’s Data Resource Guide.

Every applicant organization must complete three free registrations (DUNS, SAM, to be able to submit a grant application. The process can take one month or longer.  Please visit HRSA’s “Register and Get Ready” page at least four weeks before your submission deadline.

Federal grants can be excellent funding opportunities for your project, but not understanding the process can lead to a great deal of frustration. This HRSA video series will debunk common myths and assist you with your grant applications.

See what HRSA will be looking for on site visits.

Not ready to become a Health Center Program Grantee? See the comparison between CHCs and Look-Alikes.

Additional resources for Look-Alike status only:

*Please note: Look-Alike applications can be filed at any time. You do not need to wait until grant opportunities are available.

Look-Alike Initial Designation Technical Assistance
Look-Alike FAQs
Overview of Look-Alike Program Update 2013
PAL 2013-04: Look-Alike Program Update
PAL 2013-10: On Site Compliance Reviews for Initial Designation and Designation Period Changes

Please feel free to contact AACHC at any point during the process if you have any questions –