Resources for Newly Funded and Existing Health Center Grantees

Funded! Now what? – A guide prepared by the National Association of Community Health Centers

Health Center Compliance Manual (updated August 2018)

  • Consolidated all health center guidance documents, PINS and PALS and additional resources that remain in effect are outlined in Appendix A

New Access Point Implementation Plan to bring applicant into compliance with Federally Qualified Heath Center requirements within 120 days from Notice of Award

The BPHC Newly Funded TA Web Guide Resources for New and Existing Grantees

Services that your health center is required to provide or have a formal written referral agreement for

Creating a Dynamic and Useful Strategic Plan

Sample Patient Satisfaction Survey: English, Spanish

Obligations of Community Health Centers to Provide Outreach to Special Populations
(Learn more about special populations here)

Recent PINS & PALS

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