Peer Networking Committees


AACHC brings together Community Health Center professionals from across the state to share best practices as well as to discuss a variety of health center priorities, challenges and success stories. Meetings are held continuously, a variety of topics are discussed, individual Health Centers provide updates and guest speakers are invited to attend.

Peer Networking Committees include:

  • Behavioral Health Committee (Behavioral Health Professionals)
  • Chief Operating Officer Group (COO: Operations Officers)
  • Clinical Committee (Medical Directors)
  • COMET Group (Media/PR)
  • Dental Committee (Dental Directors)
  • Financial Officers Group (FOG: Finance Directors)
  • Human Resource Officers Group (HRO: Human Resource Staff)
  • Outreach & Enrollment Group (Eligibility/O&E Staff)
  • PCMH Group
  • Pharmacy Committee (Pharmacy Directors).
  • Quality Improvement Committee (QIC: Quality Managers and Data Analysts)

For more information about the Peer Networking Committees please contact Shelli Ross at  or 602.288.7555.