Individuals and Families Experiencing Homelessness

Organizations are eligible to receive funding under the section 330 (h) portion of the Public Health Service Act for providing health services to homeless persons.

Requirements of 330 (h) funding include (1) providing available and accessible primary health care services, preventative and enabling services, which include oral health, mental health, and substance abuse services and (2) either provide or collaborate to ensure delivery of comprehensive substance abuse services in non-hospital settings.

Health Centers funded to serve Individuals Experiencing Homelessness:


How do I find out more information about homelessness in Arizona?

Arizona Homelessness Statistics (US Interagency Council on Homelessness, January 2018)

A New Look: A Survey of Arizona’s Homeless Population from the Morrison Institute for Public Policy (2013)

DES 2018 Annual Report on Homelessness

The Emergency and Transitional Shelter Population: 2010 Census Report

Key Resources for Health Centers and other Service Providers:

A Primer on Using Medicaid for People Experiencing Chronic Homelessness and Tenants in Permanent Supportive Housing

Medicaid and Permanent Supportive Housing for Chronically Homeless Individuals: Emerging Practices from the Field

National Cooperative Agreement for Technical Assistance:

Other Organizations Addressing Homelessness:

National Coalition for the Homeless
National Alliance to End Homelessness
United States Interagency Council on Homelessness
US Department of Health & Human Services (research and publications on homelessness)
Arizona Housing Coalition
Arizona Department of Economic Security