Migrant & Seasonal Agricultural Workers

Organizations are eligible to receive funding under the section 330 (g) portion of the Public Health Service Act for providing health services to migrant and seasonal agricultural workers and their families.

Requirements of 330(g) funding include (1) providing available and accessible primary health care services, preventative and enabling services, which include oral health, mental health, and substance abuse services to migratory and seasonal agricultural workers and their families in the area to be served; (2) making adjustments for service delivery during peak and off-season cycles; and (3) addressing special environmental and occupational health concerns. Organizations serving only migratory and seasonal agricultural workers may request a “good cause” exemption to provide certain required primary health services only during certain periods of the year.

Additionally health centers funded to serve agricultural workers and their families must provide occupational related health services, including screening for infectious diseases and injury prevention programs.

Health Centers funded to serve Agricultural Workers





How do I find out more information about Agricultural Workers?

2008 Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Enumeration and Profiles Study Arizona: Published by Alice Larson

Arizona Migrant Health Profile 2013: Compiled and published by AACHC

2014 Agricultural Profile for Arizona: Published by National Center for Farmworker Health

National Agricultural Workers Survey (NAWS): Published by US Department of Labor

Key Resources for Health Centers and other Service Providers:

Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Emergency Preparedness Planning Guide

Expanded Definition of Agricultural Workers for UDS Reporting

Promoting Health Care Access to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Farmworkers

Arizona Interagency Farmworkers Coalition:

AACHC participates in and is a board member on the Arizona Interagency Farmworkers Coaltion (AIFC).  AIFC is a collaboration between organizations in Arizona that serves as a resource for service providers to migrant and seasonal agricultural workers.  AIFC organizes an annual training and networking conference for agricultural worker serving partners, as well as provides scholarships to high school students of farmworker families to pursue higher education goals.

National Collaborative Agreements for Technical Assistance: