Residents of Public Housing

Organizations are eligible to receive funding under the section 330 (i) portion of the Public Health Service Act for providing health services to persons living in public housing, designated as Public Housing Primary Care (PHPC) program. Requirements of 330 (i) funding include (1) providing available and accessible primary health care services, preventative and enabling services, which include oral health, mental health, and substance abuse services to residents of public housing and (2) enabling residents to be involved in the application process and planning and administering of the program.

The PHPC program stipulates that there must be a health center location, either within the public housing space or nearby where it is easily accessible to residents, in order to be considered for funding. Furthermore, potential applicants also must consult with the current residents to develop an appropriate model of care for potential patients. Grantees also must have a written agreement with their local Public Housing Authority (PHA) as part of the application process. A list of Arizona PHAs can be found by clicking here. As part of the program, Section 8 housing is considered public housing, but only if it is served in conjunction with traditional public housing. Additionally, delivery of services may be difficult due to how spread out Section 8 recipients commonly are.

How do I find out more information about Public Housing?

Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) database on public housing residents. This can be sorted by state or county level.

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