Community Projects

Required project to receive stipend!

Community projects are required during a SEARCH rotation to help students engage in the community population(s) and gain a new perspective from their rotation. The project will help the student learn about the social, cultural, and political pulse of the local community. Projects are selected according to the participant’s interests, needs of the community members and/or the needs of the clinical staff. This project can be focused on the patient population of the clinical site, community members, or can be geared towards the personnel of the clinical site. If the project is primarily for personnel of the clinic, it needs to be targeted as professional development and education. Each project needs to be a minimum of eight hours. After the completion of the project a written report needs to be submitted, via E-Value, within 14 days of the completion of the rotation. The report is completely electronic collecting the following data, and will be subject to duplication, use in marketing and/or reporting at the discretion of Arizona Alliance for Community Health Centers

Data to be collected:

  • Type of project
  • Number of people attended or influenced
  • Did the project increase your knowledge about the population?
  • Did the project increase your desire to work with that population after graduation?
  • Total hours spent on the project
  • Weekly log, summarizing weekly activity and hours
  • Brief description of the planned project
  • LIST of activated planned
  • Brief description of the completed project
  • Lesson you learned
  • Community impact
  • Attachment of materials used