Mentorship Program

The SEARCH Mentoring program is a structured one-to-one relationship or partnership that focuses on the needs of the student being mentored; fosters a caring and supportive relationship; encourages the mentee to develop his or her vision for the future.

1. Laying the Foundation: The two partners (student and mentor) get to know each others’ boundaries and expectations, set and establish trust.

2. Clarifying where they are going:The mentor helps the mentee look at realistic possibilities and options.

3. Helping the mentee grow: The mentor serves primarily as a counselor and guide and persuades the mentee to find answers on their own. The mentor also prods the mentee to take risks, try new strategies, ask questions and make discoveries. Some activities for development are:

  • Formal training that could help the mentee become well-rounded
  • Reading books, journals and articles
  • Try new projects or special assignments
  • Give presentations
  • Temporary details or assignments
  • Join professional organizations
  • Attend conferences or symposiums
  • Write articles for a newsletter
  • Shadow a senior person for a day

Suggested activities the mentor and mentee can do to develop their relationship:

  • Set your mentoring goals
  • Have lunch together
  • Talk about your professional experiences
  • Talk about values
  • Plan a career path
  • Work on resume
  • Talk about learning organizations